About Us


Little Mews is an all volunteer, non profit, 501(c)3, no-kill, animal rescue organization. We take in cats and kittens from a variety of situations, most are stray, unwanted, neglected or abused. We can also refer you to other organizations in the area that have dogs, cats and other animals for adoption and have information about low cost spay and neuter options. All our cats and kittens who are ready for adoption have been checked by a vet, vaccinated for FVRCP, rabies (if over 4 months), tested for Feline Leukemia, FIV, wormed, and spayed/neutered if old enough. Any health conditions are treated so that the cats can be adopted as healthy as possible.  

Our goal is to find safe, healthy, forever homes for cats and to promote spay/neuter so that the number of unwanted cats is lowered every year. We want each cat and kitten adopted to a home where it will live forever.



Our non-profit, no-kill organization depends on your generous donations. Every penny of the donations goes towards caring for the cats and kittens to provide veterinary care, good food, supplies and whatever else they need. If you'd like to donate money, food or other supplies please see our donation page.

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Little Mews Rescue closed it's doors at the Norwich facility in 2017.  Our current cats and kittens are now in foster homes where they're cared for while waiting for adoption. 

Little Mews is still reorganizing. In the meantime we have to limit the  number of cats we can take in. We're going to continue to help with feral cat population and work with others who care for the ferals.  

If you have cats or know of cats who are in need of help you can contact us for information on how to rehome them. Please  do not abandon animals on the  street, near barns, or in the woods, find them a safe place instead.   We'll work with you to find them new homes, sharing adoptable cats wherever possible.